How long does installing hair extensions take?

How long does installing hair extensions take?

It all depends on the stylist. Here at Radiance, the premier hair extension salon, our stylists have many years of experience in hair extension installation services so each row takes an average of about 20 minutes. This is one of the benefits to using wefts to install extensions instead of individual tapes or fusion, because the removal is fast and easy.

If you're unsure about the right type of hair extension, you can check out our blog on 'Different Types of Hair Extensions' to see what suits you best.

When reinstalling extensions we actually dont charge for removal because each row is removed in about 1 minute. With other methods such as tape-ins the removal takes about 30 minutes to remove the tapes, residue and reapply the tapes, this additional cost is considered in the maintenance.

On your first appointment additional time will be required due to the consultation where we decide what hair exactly to use for your appointment. As well as cutting to blend the hair, this usually takes 5-10 minutes as blending extensions is just as important as the placement of the installation and truly brings everything together.

If you have very limited time an option is to push up the bead of the weft. This is not recommended to be done regularly as it may cause matting and damage of the hair. But it is an option to extend the installation for a few extra weeks and save money.

Although we are fast, we ensure every detail of your extensions are installed thoroughly. Book an appointment with us online today and experience a radiant touch. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, close to downtown on 17th AVE.

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