95% of our clients love the braid-less weft method

After trying all methods of hair extension installation, our clients found that this method is the least damaging. To install we use micro-bead as a base, then sew wefts for double security. We recommend to reinstall every 5-7 weeks

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Instant Highlights, Length, and Volume

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hair extensions help your hair grow


Careful placement prevents pulling


Easy styling and ponytails

Weft Extensions

Braided Wefts

Traditional method of extensions where your hair is braided to create a base for the weft hai extensions to be sewn. Installation usually takes aprox. 30 mins per row.

Braid-less Micro bead wefts

Works well for fine textured hair, AKA as the IBE method, or sew-in wefts.

Other methods of installation


Without the use of wefts and threads, hairs are attached with adhesive tapes, that sandwich the natural hair.


This method is similar to fusion extensions but it does not use glue or thread but, instead a very small nano bead is used to attach individual hair bundles to the hair. This is a very flexible option.


Temporary extensions, perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations and other special events. We have lengths up to 22". Weft extensions can also be converted into clip-ins

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Price list

Hair is not included in the price!!

Braid-less or Braided weft extensions

  • $70 = 1 row
  • $120 = 2 rows
  • $170 = 3 rows
  • $220= 4 rows


  • $50+ = Removal
  • $150 = New intallation (10-20 peices)
  • $200 = New installation ( 30-40 pieces)
  • $220 = Re-installation (10-20 pieces)
  • $270 = Re-installation (30-40 pieces)

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Frequently asked Questions

Is my hair too short for extensions?

We require at least 3 inches of hair at the top of the head to install extensions. Shaved/short sides from 1 inch an have extensions attached to them or can be hidden with extensions.

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Is my hair too thin?

No. We can safely install hair extensions for all densities. Our careful placement will have the extensions be undetectable for natural volume

How much are extensions?

The cost of hair upfront is the largest cost, this can vary from 150-1000 depending on the length and color, check our shop to explore options.

Once the hair is purchased, installation is done every 5-8 weeks, this can range from 65-250 depending on the method of installation

How much is the matiantance

Average $120 every 7 weeks, to get the extensions maintained for 2 rows.

Can I put my hair up?

Yes!! Extensions can be installed to be hidden in a ponytail, If your hair is very thin this may not be an option so a low ponytail will be needed.

Are extensions damaging?

The braid-less method we found does not damage your natural hair, if anything it is a protective style.

Can I bring my own hair?

Yes. We have no problem installing hair you have bought from a previous stylist or online.

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