How to blend very thick hair with extensions

How to blend very thick hair with extensions

People with thick hair are usually looking for length more than volume.

jet black hair extensions

I used 1.25 packs of chloe collection hair extensions in 18" machine weft color 1

Have enough hair.

Longer hair usually has less volume than shorter hair because the same grams are in each pack. So with our 14" hair you can install 2 rows of extensions but 22" only has enough for one row. 

The average head of hair needs about 100g of extensions but someone with full hair will need 200-300g to blend. We usually try to use less than 300g because that can become really heavy for clients so we recommend,

22" chloe collection hair extensions

I used just more than 1 pack of the chloe collection hair extensions in 22" machine weft in 1b

Thinning the natural hair.

Most thick hair clients (all honestly) don't mind sacrificing volume for natural looking long hair. Thinning sheers are the best for thinning out the volume, I go in between each row after installation to thin out as much hair as needed to have a seamless blend with the extensions. When thinning out the top i avoid the very top of the hair and the sides to avoid a choppy look. Go slowly with this to avoid over-thinning. 

Also cutting layers into the extensions is essential for a seamless blend. To save money even consider buying different lengths of extensions to help create length. So if the clients hair is 10" and they want 22" maybe buy two packs of 22" and one pack of 18" or 20" on the top which will create layers for you. 

machine weft for thick hair extensions

More rows the better.

When installing extensions for thick hair it is important to install 3-5 rows of extensions depending on the weft being used. I usually use machine wefts for thick hair to save money because their hair is thick enough to cover the weft. 

Dont be afraid to come very forward and high up their hair to blend because their thick hair will cover the weft and this will help the extensions blend with their hair much better. 


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