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Becca Bundles Jerry Curl - 1b

Becca Bundles Jerry Curl - 1b

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100g per bundle

Recommend 2-3 bundles for a full head

Machine weft is not bulky and can be cut

Does not break or shed

100% premium Brazilian human hair

Lasts for 4-8 months


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why weft hair extensions

  • Permanent extensions last 4-8 weeks
  • Low maintenance, wake and go
  • Consider how many packs are needed
  • install extensions in 1-3 eows

how to install

Braided weft

  • traditional method
  • Very secure

Braid-less weft

  • Micro-bead base
  • more flat
  • most popular method
  • easy to install

thin weft-60g

    • Flat and durable

      Remy weft can be cut and folded without shedding

    • Customizable

      Can cut weft in half for a seamless look

    • Recommendation

      1 pack for thin hair,

      2 packs for medium,

      3 packs for full hair

    • Reusable

      Hair can be reinsalled for up to 8 months

how long do you need?


Bra strap length

Recommended for VERY short hair



Most popular length


Above hips

Very long "mermaid" hair. Dramatic length