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Luxurious Clip-In Extensions Collection

Embrace luscious and elegant locks that elevate your beauty! Explore the ultimate range of easy and convenient clip-in extensions made with original human hair. With Radiance Beauty's seamless clip-ins, resolve your hair struggles effortlessly.
These clip-in extensions are made of premium quality human hair and resolve multiple hair concerns. Say goodbye to hair thinning, alopecia, bald patches and more.
At Radiance Beauty, we celebrate differences and help you beautify yourself with our luxurious clip-in extensions. Our collection of expert-curated hair extensions promotes natural hair growth.
Choose from the extensive collection of extensions, from wavy short clip-ins to raven-black lengthy ones. Explore extensions by colour, style, and length. Grab our tailored hair extensions and enhance your mane effortlessly. We guarantee ethically sourced hair and a 100% colour-match benefit.

Features of our Clip-In Hair Extensions

We are your one-stop shop for quality hair extensions in Calgary. Our collection of clip-in hair extensions, made with original human hair, offers a realistic and natural appearance. Buy clip-in hair extensions of various colours, lengths, and styles and experience unique features.

• Assorted Colours

Buy clip-in hair extensions of various shades that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Explore multiple colour options – black, dark brown, brown, brown-red, chestnut brown, chocolate, light brown, blonde, ash blonde and more.

• Diverse Length

Style up with various lengths of extensions from the collection. Our clip-in extensions are available in three lengths – 16", 18" and 22". Pick a desirable length of your choice that offers an elegant look.

• Multiple Textures

These clip-in extensions offer a flawless and natural finish and are available in various textures. Pick the most suitable texture from the three options – wavy, straight and curly.

• REMY human hair

Reap the benefits of REMY human hair extensions of genuine quality. These are available with the hair cuticles, and you can experience prolonged wear without shedding.

• Lightweight hair

Radiance Beauty clip-in hair extensions weigh as low as 100 grams. These extensions are incredibly light and suitable for daily use. The flawless hair bundles are not considered and are easy to install and remove.

• Ethically sourced

All our extensions are curated with ethically sourced hair. It means the original human hair is donated to Radiance Beauty willingly and for ethical purposes.

Hair extensions are so good that you would end up building a collection. We take pride in our creations and offer the best clip-in extensions in Calgary. At Radiance Beauty, we help beautiful women turn extraordinary with our hair extension installation services.

Why choose us for Clip-In Hair Extensions in Calgary?

At Radiance Beauty, we care about our customers and creations and strive to deliver the best. We understand how quality products can impact and elevate lifestyles.

With years of experience in our arsenal, we aim to deliver the healthiest clip-in extension available in Calgary. Each hair is ethically sourced and hand-picked by experts to ensure you get the best experience.

Our efficient process, combined with the knowledge, expertise, and advanced technologies, ensures the extensions are flawless and all-natural. Our creations guarantee luxury, colour match, and longevity, all at an affordable price.

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We proudly cater to many audiences with Calgary's best clip-in hair extensions.

FAQs about Clip in Hair Extensions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Radiance Beauty clip-in hair extensions –

1. How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

The lifespan of clip-in hair extensions depends on several factors, such as the quality of the hair, the frequency of use, the level of care, and the styling methods. The Radiance Beauty clip-in hair extensions are made of original human hair and have a shelf life of 12 to 16.

2. Is it safe to use clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are easy-to-use accessories and do not require adhesive or heat for attachment. The snap clips make application and removal effortless. The Radiance Beauty clip-in extensions do not damage or stress the natural hair or scalp. It is advisable to avoid pulling, tugging, or sleeping with them on.

3. How often should you wash clip-in hair extensions?

The frequency of washing the clip-in hair extensions depends on the usage and external products applied. Generally, you must clean the extensions every 15 to 20 years or whenever they appear dull, tangled, or greasy. Utilize lukewarm water and sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for cleaning. Explore our range of extension care products to enhance longevity.

4. How do I choose the colour of my clip-in hair extensions?

Choosing the right colour for your clip-in hair extensions is an important and daunting task. The perfect extension colour adds to the naturalness and harmony of your final appearance. The best way to choose the colour is to match the extension to the ends of your natural hair.

5. How do you select the appropriate length for clip-in extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions in Calgary are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches. Use a tape measure from your ear to determine the desired size. Extensions 2 to 4 inches longer than the original hair are ideal for the lengthening effect. Same-length extensions offer a voluminous impact.

6. What products can I use on clip-in hair extensions?

Treat our natural clip-in hair extensions naturally. Explore our assortment of hair care products – bond care shampoo and conditions, leave-in treatment, shine sprays, and more.

7. How do you prevent clip-in hair extensions from falling out?

At Radiance Beauty, the expert-designed clip-in hair extensions stay securely and comfortably in your hair when applied correctly and maintained properly. There are 7-piece clips to secure the hair during heavy movement.

8. Can you shower with clip-in extensions?

Avoid showering with clip-in extensions because this can damage the natural hair and the extensions. When the clip-in extensions get wet, dry them gently and brush them carefully to avoid knots and tangles.