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Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Solution to Your Hair Struggles

Regain your confidence with a luxurious, flowing, and flawless mane! Say no to your hair struggles and embrace the elegance of Radiance Beauty Inc.'s hair extensions. We offer the best tape-in hair extensions in Calgary for a quick and brilliant solution to hair struggles. From bald patches to hair fall concerns, our extensions solve it all. 

All our hair extensions are premium grade and made with original human hair. We take pride in ethically sourced items and aim to deliver the best in the industry. With years of experience in our arsenal, our hair extensions serve the test of time and present long-lasting benefits.

Explore the assorted range of extensions – from tape-in hair extensions for thin hair to tape-in hair extensions for black hair and more. Choose the desired colour, length, and texture, and give yourself a fresh, revamped hairdo. 

Top-rated tape-in hair extensions are just a click away!

Features of Our Tape-in Extensions

Try all the desired hairstyles this season with the premium-quality, long-wear extensions. Buy tape-in hair extensions from Radiance and reap the benefits of multiple features –

• Unique Colours

We have a comprehensive range of tape-in hair extensions offering 100% colour match. The collection has a wide range of colours to cater to multiple users. The options are black, brown, red, chestnut, red-brown, blonde, platinum blonde, and more.

• Ideal Weight

All our tape-in extensions are 100 grams only. It offers a breezy experience and does not weigh down on the head. The Radiance Beauty extensions are elegant and daily wear, making them the best choice.

• Perfect Length

Explore the exclusive range of tape-in extensions available in numerous lengths from 18" to 22". Whether you wish to flaunt shoulder-length hair or long, our extensions add to the versatile appearance.

• Natural Finish

We promise a 100% ethically sourced natural; that is what we deliver. The donated hair strands contribute to the wild, human tape-in extensions and offer a pristine look of elegance. 

• Invisible Tape

Our professional tape-in hair extensions stand out in the industry for their invisible finish. The tape region immaculately blends with the natural hair and gives you an elevated look. 

• Lightweight

You can wear these feather-light extensions daily for a beautiful, luxurious mane and will not damage the natural hair. We take pride in creating unique and long-lasting extensions that people enjoy wearing for a fabulous appearance.

Explore the Radiance Beauty Inc. store for additional information on hair extension installation services and other guidelines. Contact and get sound tape-in extension installation done by professionals.

Why Choose Us for Tape-In Extensions in Calgary?

Sign up for a comfortable and superior extension experience with Radiance Beauty. We offer the best quality tape-in extensions in Calgary that enhance your appearance with a flawless and voluminous mane. We excel in crafting lightweight, invisible tape-in extensions made with ethically sourced human hair. Having served for years in the industry, our experts are adept in everything about extensions and understand what premium means. 

This season, make Radiance Beauty Inc. your top choice for top-rated hair extensions in Calgary. Consult and book a convenient spot for a professional hair extension installation session. Our experts will deliver you a luscious and unique hairdo that speaks elegance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your queries about Tape-in hair extensions in Calgary –

1. How long does tape in hair extensions last? 

Our Tape-in Hair Extensions in Calgary will last from 12 to 16 months. This longevity depends on care conditions and usability. Occasional washing of the extensions is essential to keep them tangle-free, and one should use treatment products to hold a lasting shine.

2. Do tape-in extensions damage your hair? 

At Radiance Beauty Inc., we promise lightweight and comfortable tape-in extensions that cause no harm to your natural hair. Our tape-in extensions are easy to wear and remove and make an excellent choice for quick hair fixes. 

3. Can you wear your hair up with tape-in extensions? 

Yes, absolutely! You can wear your hair in buns and ponytails with tape-in hair extensions. However, we will suggest you go slowly. Wearing the hair up immediately after a hair extension installation makes the tapes visible and leads to an unappealing appearance. For an invisible tape-in extensions experience, allow the natural hair to grow a little for a flawless finish.

4. Can I shower with tape-in extensions? 

Showering 48 hours after getting a hair extension installation is the rule of thumb. This timeframe allows the tape-in extension to grip better to your natural hair and achieve the desired bond.

5. How many tape-in extensions do you need for a full head?

For tape-in extensions by Radiance Beauty Inc., we recommend one pack for thin-hair appearance and two to three packs for voluminous locks. For more guidance, feel free to consult our hair extension experts.

6. How do you brush your hair with tape-in extensions? 

For a brand-new tape-in hairdo, avoid pulling and tugging the hair lest you loosen the bond. Use a soft bristle brush and work with gentle hands for detangling and hair styling. When brushing and combing your hair, natural or extensions, always start from the bottom and work your way up. 

7. How much is maintenance on tape extensions? 

At Radiance Beauty Inc., tape-in extensions range from $120 to $200, and the installation charges are around $150 to $200. You can avail of additional services like blow-dry and quick trims for $30. Booking an appointment is flexible, and you can pick a slot of convenience.   

8. How Many Times Can You Reuse Tape-ins? 

Quality tape-in extensions are reusable two to three times, depending on maintenance. The Radiance Beauty tape-in extensions have a 12-month shelf-life. These can be utilized for two years or more if applied and removed effectively. Consult our team to learn more about hair extension installation and care procedures.  

9. How to Remove Tape-in Hair Extensions? 

Tape-in extensions are helpful in place with adhesive. You can easily remove them using an acetone solution. Apply a small amount on the tape region, and allow it to detach itself from the natural hair. Carefully remove the excess and clean it before storing. We suggest consulting our experts if you are skeptical about the self-removal of extensions.