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Exclusive collection of curly extensions

Hello, Curly Heads! We are here to help you elevate your curl game with the exclusive collection of curly hair extensions.

Our assorted range of natural curly hairs offers you a voluminous mane with a unique touch. At Radiance Beauty Inc., we excel in delivering premium quality hair that is elegant and easy to wear. Each of our extensions is professionally crafted with original Brazilian human hair and offers prolonged wear. 

Explore the wide range of curly extensions – from deep wave curly hair extensions to realistic human kinky curly hair clip-ins. These are tape-in extensions that do not damage your hair and are perfect for daily use. We assure you of the best textured, lightweight extensions that blend naturally with your original curls and add to your elegant appearance. 

Grab the best natural curls from the collection and bid farewell to hair loss and bald patch concerns for good. We guarantee a 100% colour and texture match and no-skid extension experience.

Features of Our Curly Hair Extensions

Radiance Beauty takes pride in offering the best curly hair extensions in Calgary crafted by experienced hands. Each of our curly extensions has the following features to offer –

• Curl Styles

Explore the diverse range of curl styles that cater to multiple curly girlies. Our collection offers kinky curls, deep curls, deep waves, messy curls and jerry. Each deep to kinky curly hair clip is precise and promotes a natural appearance.

• Curl Lengths

Our carefully curated natural curly hair extensions are available in multiple lengths and complement your elegance. The collection ranges from 12” to 26” and is machine weft for a flawless appearance.

• 100% Natural

The extensions are of 100% natural Brazilian human hair. Each hair strand is ethically sourced, donated hair and is REMY hair. They come with the cuticle intact and offer increased longevity.

• Lightweight Curls

Indulge in the most comfortable experience of donning extensions with Radiance Beauty. Our curly extensions are lightweight and easy to use. The clips and tapes offer a steady grip and do not shed with movement.

To learn more about our curly hair extension installation services, feel free to consult with Radiance Beauty support.

Why choose us for curly hair extensions in Calgary?

Say hello to amazing curls with Radiance Beauty! With our years of experience, we have crafted amazing and the most natural curly hair extensions that enhance your mane. Our extensions make your life easy and stress-free. We help you solve your hair struggles in no time with our assorted range of curls.

What’s your curl type? Radiance Beauty delivers it all in premium quality. Buy curly hair extensions of various textures – deep to beach waves, kinky curls, and distinct coils. Our natural curly hair extensions are expert-grade and prepared with 100% natural Brazilian hair.

Discover the exclusive range of curls and consult with our experts to learn about the installation process. For all your curl queries, Radiance Beauty has your back!

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  1. Tape in hair extensions
  2. Clip in hair extensions
  3. Weft hair extensions
  4. Blonde hair extensions
  5. Brunette hair extensions
  6. Hand tied hair extensions


Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the frequently answered questions for the curly heads looking for the most natural curly hair extensions in Calgary

1. What is the best hair extension method for curly hair? 

The best and most convenient hair extension method for curly hair is tape-in. It is a non-damaging technique and enables a seamless blend with your natural curls. Ensure that you consult the professionals at Radiance Beauty for a comfortable and natural look. Our expert hands promise gentle management and a secure and lasting hold. 

2. How long do extensions last on curly hair? 

The longevity of extensions on curly hair depends on factors such as care and maintenance. Our curly extensions are crafted with 100% original Brazilian hair and have a 6-8-month shelf life. We recommend proper care, washing, brushing, and applying hair care products to increase the shelf life.

3. What is the difference between curly and wavy extensions? 

Curly extensions have pronounced and defined curls, creating a bold and voluminous look. Wavy extensions are a lot softer with relaxed waves and provide a tousled appearance. The choice between the two depends on personal style and original hair texture. 

4. How do you make curly hair extensions look natural? 

At Radiance Beauty Inc., we assure a 100% match guarantee in colour and texture. Buy curly hair extensions in Calgary that look natural and are close to your curl patterns. These extensions offer a seamless blend of luscious locks. Styling with hair care tools adds to the cohesive and authentic appearance.