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A curated selection of weft hair extensions

Experience the ultimate customized hairstyles with our collection of Weft Hair Extensions. At Radiance Beauty Inc., you can shop for machine-weft hair extensions and hand-tied hair extensions. These are our top-rated creations and offer a free-moving, voluminous mane. 

Our invisible weft hair extensions resolve your hair struggles effortlessly. Explore Radiance Beauty extensions and assuage all concerns - from hair thinning to visible bald patches. Explore the comprehensive range of extensions available in multiple colours, textures and lengths. 

We value your emotions about beautiful locks and offer only the best. Our collection is ethically sourced REMY hairs that provide a seamless and elegant appearance. We promise quality hair extension installation at a convenient time slot. Contact Radiance Beauty to know more.

You are just one click away from the best weft hair extensions in Calgary.

Features of our Weft hair extensions

We have years of experience creating elegant extensions of various lengths and styles. Our assorted collection of weft hair extensions is feature-rich and caters to diverse hair enthusiasts.

• Diverse Colours

Buy weft hair extensions of various colours and gradients from Radiance Beauty Inc. All available hairs are of the best quality and offer a 100% colour match guarantee. Explore shades like jet black, chestnut brown, reddish brown, platinum blonde, and more. Browse the collection or consult our experts for the perfect match.

• Assorted Lengths

Flaunt various machine weft hair extensions available from 16" to26" at the Radiance Beauty store. Choose your desired length and book a hair extension installation service for the most flawless look. Our experts are adept at delivering the perfect hand-tied weft extensions that are comfortable and damage-free. 

• Custom Style

Experience unique styles that complement your appearance. Weft hair extensions are sewn in with the natural hair and look aesthetically pleasing. These offer complete freedom of movement and style and are custom-woven.

• Machine Weft

The machine weft hair extensions impart good coverage to the overall look and give a fuller appearance. These are perfect for resolving hair struggles and seamlessly blending with natural hair. Machine weft extensions are budget-friendly yet premium.

• Varied Textures

Whether you have curly natural hair or flat, the Radiance Beauty weft hair collection caters to all. You can explore flat-weft hair extensions, thin weft hair extensions, and curly-weft extensions, all of which offer a long-lasting, natural finish.

• Remy Hair

All Radiance Beauty human hair weft extensions are from REMY hair. These are 100% natural hair with the cuticle intact. The extensions, thereby, are shinier, smoother and easily manageable. We take pride in our ethically sourced hair collection, and each strand is willingly donated.

• Long-lasting

With our years of experience in the hair extension domain, we craft only the best. Our weft hair extensions guarantee an eight to twelve-month shelf life and longer with better care.

Explore the website and catch a glimpse of all our beautiful extensions. Consult our experts to learn more about our hair extension installation in Calgary.

Why choose us for weft hair extensions in Calgary?

With Radiance Beauty Inc., you do not have to settle for average and overpriced weft hair extensions. We are renowned for our invisible weft hair extensions of multiple colours, textures and lengths. All our weft hair extensions are crafted with the user in mind and promise the best experience. The extensions are made with 100% natural elements and have a feather-light texture.

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Whether you are a curly girl or a straight-haired diva, we offer the best hair extensions in Calgary. that elevate your appearance. Explore the assorted range of machine weft hairs and choose a desirable extension. Our experts will ensure that the final look is spectacular and natural.

Ours is the best weft hair extension in Calgary, and we are just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Weft Hair Extensions

Here are all the weft hair extension queries resolved by our experts –

1. How long do weft hair extensions last? 

The Radiance Beauty weft hair extension will last 12 to 16 months with continuous wear. However, longevity depends on proper care and treatment. Make sure to be gentle with the extension when washing and brushing.

2. Are weft extensions good for your hair? 

The most renowned feature of original human hair weft extensions is you don't need adhesive or clips. These extensions are REMY hair, sewn in with natural hair. While all our extensions have a natural finish, these extensions make it to the top.

3. Do weft extensions damage hair? 

No, hand-tied weft extensions or machine weft hair extensions do not damage the natural hair. These are not clipped or glued and are traditionally woven with natural hair, offering a seamless finish. However, hair care measures are necessary to protect the best of the extensions.

4. How should you sleep with weft extensions?

The most effective way to sleep with weft hair extensions sewn in is with loose braids. It ensures a tangle and knots-free hair that is easy to wash, clean and brush. The way you sleep with your extensions is a contributing factor to your longevity.

5. What are the cons of weft extensions? 

People with thin hair can struggle with weft hair extensions because of their bulkiness. However, you can rock thin-weft hair extensions without feeling heavy. We advise you to consult with our experts for better understanding and consultation.

6. Can weft extensions get wet? 

A unique feature of weft hair extensions is they are unbothered in water. Getting wet does not ruin the woven bond of these extensions. However, we suggest avoiding prolonged water contact because this could result in shedding.

7. How many wefts of hair do I need? 

The number of weft extensions you need depends on the desirable hair volume. With Radiance Beauty extensions, we suggest one to two bundles for a full head.

8. Can you wear your hair in a ponytail with a weft? 

Yes, you can, but not too high. Avoid high ponytails and high buns with extension weft hair. These are closely woven and can pull your natural hair, making it an uncomfortable and painful experience.