Best hair extensions for thin hair

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair in 2024

Everyone desires long and lustrous hair. Voluminous hair makes you look beautiful and complements your glow. However, people with fine hair often find it extremely difficult to flaunt the beautiful, lustrous hair they always desire.

From frequently backcombing the limp locks to trying hundreds of volumizing products, fine hair requires a ridiculous amount of effort and time to style. Even after dedicatedly following these methods, you will witness your hair become dull and lifeless within a few hours.

If you are not blessed with the genetics of thick, luscious hair or have underlying health issues contributing to hair thinning, the easiest way to maintain the volume of your hair is by using the best hair extensions for thin hair.

However, this solution comes with drawbacks, too.

Although the primary purpose of hair extensions is adding volume, believe it or not, not all extensions are suitable for fine hair. Applying the wrong extension to your already thin hair can worsen its severity. It can weaken the hair roots and enhance bald patches.

Hence, it's essential to know your extension options and make the best decision for better scalp health.

After conducting thorough research and evaluating various products and processes, we have compiled this blog to give you detailed information regarding the best hair extensions for thin hair. Dive into the following sections to discover the unsaid details on hair extensions and their qualities.

The Difference Between Thin And Fine Hair

The distinction between thin and fine hair might be confusing, but it's essential to comprehend. The better you understand, the more precise you will find your perfect extension match.

Fine hair refers to hair that's smaller in diameter, primarily due to genetics. On the other hand, hair thinning is a condition where the rate of hair growth on your scalp reduces. More often than not, hair thinning is a consequence of health issues, medications, genetics, bad lifestyle habits, or a combination of these factors.

Take a look below to discover the signs and causes of hair thinning.

What Causes Thin Hair?

Hair thinning is a major issue among women. Most women experience significant hair loss around menopause. However, it's common to notice hair thinning at a younger age. Any sudden and dramatic hair loss can happen due to specific medications. High stress or trauma often results in rapid hair loss.

If you have doubts about whether you have fine hair or you're struggling with hair loss, look for these hair-thinning signs:

  • Excessive hair shedding on the brush, pillow, or in the drain
  • Widening part of your hair
  • You are losing more than 150 hair strands daily
  • Your ponytail is thinner when pulled back
  • You can notice more exposed skin on the scalp
  • Your hair appears flat and doesn't hold styles well

As mentioned previously, the reasons behind hair thinning can be a combination of factors. Some require medical attention, while others can be fixed with the right hair care products.

To give you an idea, here are some of the most common causes behind hair thinning in women:

  • Using hair products infused with harmful chemicals
  • Wearing tight pulled-back hairstyles
  • Over-treating or dying your hair with the wrong products
  • Struggling with chronic stress with enhanced cortisol
  • Having an imbalance diet with a lack of necessary nutrients
  • Weighing down your hair with unsuitable permanent extensions and other accessories
  • Underlying health issues
  • Iron or vitamin D deficiency
  • Severe infection or crash diet
  • Psychological stress
  • Childbirth

Hormonal shifts also result in significant hair thinning or loss among women, making them cautious of their overall look. The best part is that effective treatments are available for this. You can visit a dermatologist and start taking prescribed medications to handle the issue.

Many women prefer the treatment and use the correct hair extensions to camouflage the flaw and fully recover.

Tips To Choose The Right Type Of Hair Extension For Thin Hair

There's no shortage of fancy hair extensions in today's market. However, only some extensions are made to suit your scalp. Choosing the right extensions for your hair is essential to complement your thin hair and give it a majestic look.

Cheap quality extensions or tight installation can irritate your skin. Extensions too heavy for your natural hair to carry will lead to hair breakage. Unhygienic extensions can also result in allergic reactions, irreversible hair loss, and infection.

So, how can you ensure you are not falling for labels and choosing the right hair extensions for your thin hair?

For starters, you must consider these factors when shopping for hair extensions:

1. Lightweight and thin

Choose silky, lightweight extensions to avoid adding unnecessary weight or bulk to your hair.

2. Easy application and removal

Search for extensions that are easy to apply and remove to reduce strain on your tresses.

3. Use high-quality extensions only

Low-quality extensions can damage your hair thinning condition beyond repair, so always opt for natural, high-quality extensions.

4. Doesn't require heat for application

Prevent the risk of dehydration and malnutrition to your hair by opting for heat and chemical-free hair extensions.

5. Points for invisibility

Choose human hair over synthetic extensions for a seamless appearance.

6. Match the length

The best extension for your hair is the one that extends slightly beyond the span of your natural hair. On the contrary, shorter extensions can make your hair appear even thinner.

7. Consult a professional

A hair extension specialist can help you find the best extensions by evaluating your hair and scalp type. You can contact Radiance Beauty INC, the premier hair extension salon, for a professional consultation and personalized recommendations.

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

If this is your first time getting hair extensions, figuring out which extensions will be best can feel like an endless journey. But don't worry—we're here to help!

Considering the vulnerability of fine hair, we have listed the best extensions for thin hair with the least damaging effects. These extensions will give your hair a stunning boost of volume, hide patches, and make it easier to style without damaging it.

You can wear these for events or a long-term fix without stressing about hair loss or breakage. Plus, these extensions are easy to apply and remove.

So, read on and take your pick!

1. Tape-In Extensions

As the name suggests, these extensions can be taped on your scalp with unique adhesive. They are ideal if you are looking for lightweight extensions that do not weigh down your natural hair.

Its gentle, non-damaging adhesive stays intact with your natural hair. It's easy to apply, remove, and reapply these extensions anytime. One can reuse these extensions for up to a year with proper care.

How To Use It?

For application, you must sandwich small amounts of natural hair between wefts of extensions taped closer to the roots. This helps create a flat, natural finish and ensures a solid bond.

The application may take around 45 minutes, depending on the volume and length of your hair. Furthermore, tape in hair extensions can last six to eight weeks, depending on usage and maintenance.

Benefits of Tape-in Hair Extensions

The Tape-in hair extensions are trendy and have some unmatchable qualities, making them the top choice.

  • Invisible bonds
    Once correctly placed, the tapes are invisible. It seamlessly blends with natural hair.
  • Available in unique colours
    The collection of these hair extensions and colour varieties is enormous. You can choose from various options: black, brown, red, chestnut, red-brown, platinum blonde, etc.
  • Ideal weight
    Light in weight, these hair extensions offer an ideal breezy experience to the wearer. It does not weigh down your head and is perfect for daily wear.
  • Variety in length
    These extensions vary in length from 18" to 22". Choose the size according to the style you desire to flaunt.

2. Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions are lightweight and chemical-free. They add stunning glamour, volume, and fullness without making your hair appear unnatural. These extensions are great for thin hair. They do not damage your hair and are applied without the help of tape.

These extensions ensure maximum wearability, ensuring less stress on the natural hair. They lay flat on the scalp and are great for straight and wavy hair.

How To Use It?

Hand-tied hair extensions require tiny silicone beads slid onto rows of hair during the application. Your stylist will tie the hair extension weft using cotton or nylon threads.

In this process, the natural hair acts as a string that connects each bead and creates a track. These beads are added to the strand of hair, and before pinching, your stylist pulls a small section in the opposite direction.

The above process ensures the hair extension is in place, adding your desired fabulous look.

Benefits of Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Our team of experts has found that hand-tied hair extensions have a range of brilliant benefits, including:

  • Offers natural look
    Hand-tied hair extensions provide a seamless beauty to the wearer. These are meticulously cut and applied to blend with the natural look and deliver a flawless finish from root to tip.
  • Long-lasting
    These extensions are top-notch. The excellent technique of their application ensures they withstand daily wear and tear. They can be maintained for an extended period to prolong your hair's enjoyment.
  • Comforting
    The hand-tied wefts do not cause you any discomfort. They are carefully sewn with your natural hair, ensuring comfort and giving you absolute freedom to carry out your daily chores.
  • Style as you like
    The feather-light feel of these extensions allows you to style your hair as you desire. You can continue your daily activities in style with no irritating clips and no tension during sleep.
  • Natural hair-friendly
    These natural hair-friendly extensions cause minimal breakage and keep the locks healthy and resilient. You can enjoy the beauty of your hair without compromising on your natural health's vitality.

3. Clip-In Extensions

As the name sounds, clip-in extensions are small, clip-like pieces attachable to your hair within minutes. Since these hair extensions don't need heat for application, they are the best type for damaged, thin hair.

Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove and are available in various colours and lengths. They add volume and thickness to natural, thin hair without adding extra weight and bulk.

How to Use It?

These extensions are used seamlessly. They are attached to the natural hair like bobby pins and can be removed easily. Convenient clip-in extensions resolve your hair struggles seamlessly and effortlessly.

Benefits of Clip-in Extensions

The clip-in extensions elevate your beauty through elegant locks. It is a great way to say goodbye to hair-thinning problems. Some of its benefits include the following:

  • Available in assorted colours
    The clip-in extensions are available in multiple colour options: black, dark brown, chocolate, light brown, blonde, and more. Choose according to your mood.
  • Multiple textures are available.
    These extensions are perfect for natural and flawless hair and are suitable for all textures. Wavy, straight, and curly—the extensions are available in all textures.
  • Lightweight
    The extensions are available in lightweight packaging and weigh as low as 100 grams. The weight is incredibly light and suitable for everyday use. 

4. Sewn-in Hair Extensions

Sewn-in extensions are perfect for adding envious locks and volume to fine hair. Unlike most glue-on or clip-on products, sewn-in hair extensions use natural human hair. Your stylist must stitch the extension to your natural hair strands, making it an ideal choice for long-term extensions.

Moreover, their secure installation process allows the strands to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, and you will have numerous ways to style them.

How to use it?

Sew-in hair extensions are the GOAT of all extensions. They use a gentle method of attaching the wefts of hair with small beads, and a professional stylist makes the entire process seamless.

Benefits of sewn-in hair extensions

The benefits of sew-in hair extensions include the following:

  • Easily customizable
    You can style and customize your hair as you want through the help of these hair extensions.
  • Various hair colours and textures
    You can pick your hair colours and textures. There are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Lasts longer
    As it is sewn into your hair, it has a good hold on it, making it last.

5. Nano Tips

Nano tips are fragile, which provides relief to your tresses. If the weight of other standard hair extensions feels heavy, nanotips can be your perfect match. These hair extensions are remarkable ones to transform your look and elevate the hair game.

The micro-ring extensions are comfortable to wear and less detectable. It primarily works wonders for fine hair.

How to Use It?

The application method of these extensions follows the typical steps of traditional hair extensions. However, nanotips sit on your scalp like a headband instead of weighing you down, attaching to the small section of hair near the scalp.

Proper maintenance and adhesive allow you to make nanotips for three months.

Benefits of Nano Tip Extensions

The nano tip or ring extensions have various advantages that make them famous. Some of them are listed below:

  • It's discreet and undetectable.
    These are 90% smaller than the micro rings, making them the smallest bonds available. They are undetectable and seamlessly blend with natural hair.
  • No heat or chemicals needed
    The professionals do not need heat or chemicals to apply these extensions, which makes them a safer option for natural hair.
  • Customizable and secure
    The nano hair extensions can be customized to match your hair type and colour preference. These are very secure due to their strand-by-strand method.
  • Long-lasting and reusable
    The extensions are made to withstand daily wear and tear without losing their shine and texture. Made of high-quality materials, they do not require re-bonding and re-attaching during their lifespan.

6. Halo Extensions

With a similar headband structure, the halo extension is among the best extensions for thin hair if you want something temporary. The one-piece extension has an invisible wire that secures your scalp like a headband.

These extensions are available with and without wefts. Since halo extensions don't use glue, you will not experience any strain on your beautiful, natural locks. The application takes minutes and stays intact for up to eight weeks.

How to Use It?

The clear wire of the halo hair extensions allows them to be buried deep into your natural hair. They are applied quickly and easily and last up to eight weeks. They are not permanent and can be washed and re-inserted at any time.

Benefits of Halo Hair Extensions:

Being a temporary hair extension option, these are great for people with thin hair. A few benefits of halo hair extensions include the following:

  • Easy to wear
    The halo hair extensions can be easily put on without the help of any hairstylist. One can put on and remove it every day and at any moment.
  • No tension in the hair
    These clear wire extensions sit perfectly on the wearer's crown and do not cause any tension to the natural hair and scalp.
  • Available in different lengths and textures
    The number of styles you can create with these hair extensions is limitless. Available in various lengths and textures, one can create the illusion of fuller locks through these extensions.

7. Ponytail Extensions

Fine hair is notorious for failing to hold styles very well. Ponytail hair extensions prevent this issue by holding up the style and eliminating the risk of damage.

The high-quality extensions use a moulding method to stay intact with natural hair. One of the best benefits of ponytail extensions is that you can get them in any colour you want and use them repeatedly.

How To Use It?

These extensions are simple and uniquely designed to add volume to your hair. They have a clip or can be secured with a hair tie. With these extensions, you can quickly create a fuller, longer, and bouncier ponytail.

Benefits of Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail hair extensions provide a wide range of solutions to flaunt the perfect ponytail every time you step out. Some other benefits of these extensions include:

  • Creates bouncier ponytails
    Whether you have short hair, thin hair, or brittleness, you can hide it all under the glamour of ponytail hair extensions. These extensions are longer and thicker hair strands, making your ponytail look stunning.
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  • Hairstyle possibilities
    End the tiring stage of having the same hairstyle every day. Try out different hairstyles and catch the eyes of the onlookers with the stunning styles.

8. Genius Weft Extensions

Have you ever had hair extensions that refused to blend with your natural hair? With genius weft extensions, you never have to deal with this again.

Genius weft hair extensions combine the most admirable qualities of hand-tied and machine weft extensions. The sleek and lightweight extensions become unnoticeable once the narrow strips interlock with the natural hair. The 100% Remy human hair adds silky, shiny volume without being visible.

How To Use It?

The genius hair extensions are braided in rows to create a base, upon which the wefts are sewn using a needle and thread. This is the safest and most comfortable method of hair extension. The typical application of these extensions takes 10-30 minutes, and the full-length application takes 40-60 minutes.

Benefits of Genius Weft Extensions

If you are planning to count on the genius weft extensions, here we bring you some reasons for doing so:

  • Invisible hair extensions
    These are the best hair extensions for thin hair. Light in weight and silky smooth, they hide well in the wearer's natural hair.
  • Thin and lightweight
    The genius wefts will never create a pull on the wearer's natural hair. It ensures that they are kept intact and secure. Being thin and lightweight, these are easy to carry.
  • Long-lasting
    Providing better care will help you maintain the long life of these hair extensions. They can easily keep an eight—to twelve-month shelf life, giving you a fantastic look.

Hair Extensions to Avoid or Use Carefully With Thin Hair

Now that you know the best extension for thin hair, let's talk about extensions you should think twice about before using.

These extensions add unnecessary weight to fine hair, making it feel heavy and causing breakage.

So, if you wish to add volume without damaging your hair roots, you should avoid the following extensions.

1. Fusion or bonded extensions

Although fusion or bonded extensions are generally among the least damaging hair extension options, they are not ideal for thin hair. These extensions attach to small sections of hair by utilizing heat-activated adhesive. Improper application of the adhesive can significantly damage your natural hair.

The weight of the bonded extensions can lead to breakage.

2. Weave extensions

Weave extensions are among the worst hair extensions for fragile hair. The application method of this extension uses hot glue or wax as an adhesive. It can not only cause your hair to break but fall out.

Weaving these extensions into thin hair is a challenge in itself. It's not uncommon to see the tightness of the weave to pull out natural hair. If you have damaged hair, give this one a pass.

3. Microlink extensions

Microlink extensions can worsen hair thinning by causing hair breakage. This is mainly due to their application process.

Unlike the top extensions for thin hair, these extensions don't use standard adhesives. Instead, stylists use a plier-like tool that puts a lot of stress on the scalp and roots.

A great alternative to the microlink extensions is the halo hair extensions. These are lightweight, easy to apply, and, when properly maintained, can last more than six months.

Steps To Apply Hair Extensions To Thin Hair 

The scarcity of fine hair can make it tricky to hide the clips of even the best hair extensions. Furthermore, using the wrong extensions can weigh down your natural hair, making the clips even more visible.

But it would help if you remembered creating the hair of your dreams.

We present a straightforward, step-by-step guide to apply hair extensions seamlessly.

1. Pick good hair extensions for thin hair

Choose light, non-abrasive, easily applicable and invisible hair extensions for a seamless appearance. Make sure the extension's density and length suit your natural hair.

As a rule of thumb, select an extension no longer than four inches from your natural hair length. However, if you choose extensions that are too long for your hair, blend them in with layers.

2. Build the foundation

Start by thoroughly brushing your hair and hair extensions. Then, create a base for the extension clips to grab onto. Otherwise, the clip may slide throughout the day or cause tugging. To make the base, you can apply a little hairspray to the root of the section where you intend to attach the clips.

3. Find the safe spot

Section your hair at the crown and find the spot where the clips will stay hidden. Typically, people with fine hair have their safe zone below the eyebrow. If you imagine a circle around your head crossing your eyebrows, you will notice the hair is thicker below the circle. That is the sweet spot to clip in your hair extensions for thin hair.

4. Position the weft

The position of the hair extension can vary depending on your hair type, extension type, head size, and shape. Still, most applications follow a general sequence. It starts with choosing a wire that best fits your head. Once you have selected the ideal weft, find a position that works for you. Make sure the weft is secure and undetectable.

5. You may not need the entire line of weft

If you need help finding space on your head to attach the entire weft selection, it may indicate that you only need some. It's normal to have different requirements, so feel free to play around if you don't need help finding the best application sequence for each weft.

6. Tease your crown

Who doesn't like the feeling of having long, thick hair? However, if you have naturally thin hair, you may notice a lack of volume at the top of your head, even after attaching the finest extensions for thin hair.

But don't be disappointed! There's a way to fix it.

Start by adding some texture to your hair. Apply salt spray or hair spray and brush out the tangles. Next, use a comb to divide the hair into two sections. Remember, the top section should be thinner than the bottom, which doesn't need teasing.

After parting the hair, take 0.5-inch sections of the hair and gently backcomb it. Move the comb from the bottom up, starting from three to four inches from the crown of your head.

Keep backcombing the hair until you notice it scrunch up close to the scalp. Then, finish the process with a touch of hairspray and a gentle comb to tie everything together.

7. Layer the extension

The difference between perfect extensions for thin hair is often a few layers. Adding layers to your extensions can make a difference if you have layers in your natural hair. It will help the extension blend in and create a smooth transition between the ends of your natural hair and the start of the extensions.

If you plan to add layers to the extension, our experts recommend cutting it after clipping it into your hair. You can also create a numbering system for the wefts to remember their positions.

8. Add maximum volume with proper styling

Curly and wavy hairstyles make concealing the difference between shorter natural hair and longer extensions easier. So, to give your locks a lift, wrap the extension and your natural hair together around the curling iron.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you part the hair. We suggest parting the hair horizontally for maximum volume and jazz, lifting it from the root and curling 1.5-inch sections each time.

9. Use ponytail or clip-in extensions to conceal hair thinning

Splash some life into your frowning hairstyles with clip-in or ponytail hair extensions. These two are among the best thin hair extensions for adding volume and creating a range of quick styles.

You need only natural hair, long enough to tie into a bun or ponytail to use these extensions. Once you install the bun, tease it to make it fluffy and secure it with pins.

How to Hide Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

Choose extensions that resemble the natural hair colour to ensure your hair extension blends perfectly with natural hair. Your stylist should strategically place the wefts, cut the extensions, and colour them to conceal the difference between the two sections.

Also, keep in mind that when hair extensions are not "graded," they indicate that you will get the same thickness from end to end. While this may sound good, it will make the extension pretty obvious. In addition to the extensions, you also have to account for the thickness of the clips.

That is why most stylists recommend extensions like the halos. This type of extension's invisibly thin fishing wire makes them considerably easy to hide.

A few more steps you can take to hide your thin hair extensions are

• Avoid attaching the extension too close to the scalp

Attaching the hair extension too close to the scalp will not only allow it to poke out but also hinder the growth of your natural hair. The ideal hair extensions should always be one inch away from the root.

• Never attach the extensions too close to the sides either

If you love to flaunt your hair to one side or put on a side swoop, install the extensions at least two to three inches away from your ears. It will ensure the bonds remain invisible.

• Hire a trained hair stylist

Hiring a trained hair stylist who can help you pick the best extension for thin hair is essential for professional-looking results. Beyond that, they can strategically install the extension to conceal the wafts and help you maintain its health.

How to Care For Your Thin Hair Extensions?

Like your natural hair, extensions require a bit of TLC. With proper maintenance, extensions can become frizzy and retain their shine.

So, follow these simple steps to maintain their longevity.

• Washing

Gently wash the extensions using warm water. Experts suggest standing right under the shower to extend the bonds' lifespan. Follow up the wash with a suitable conditioner or mask. However, ensure the mask or conditioner does not contact the extension bond.

• Drying

Many may have heard that naturally drying your hair is better than using a dryer. However, with hair extensions, it can be the opposite. Wet extensions are weaker and heavier; leaving them moist for an extended period can reduce their longevity.

Hence, use a dryer, but avoid temperatures that are too high. Also, avoid holding the hair dryer too close to the bond. To further prevent heat damage, you can use good quality thermal protection.

• Combing

To prevent tangles in the extension, comb it before and after bed, before washing it, and during the day.

Use a gentle extension combing brush and detangle it as carefully as possible to avoid ripping out any strand. Additionally, you can use silk scrunchies, pillowcases, and other accessories to minimize strain on the extensions.

Get the Best Hair Extensions From Experts!

In summary, the best hair extensions for thin hair are lightweight, suitable for your hair type and length, and do not involve hazardous installation methods. Hopefully, this blog has helped you make wise decisions for your scalp health. Yet, if you need guidance picking suitable hair extensions for your scalp, contact Radiance Beauty Inc. today!

We offer the best hair extension solutions at the most reasonable price. Irrespective of your hair type and health, you can rely on us to deliver the least damaging but impactful solution for your hair. With us, you will enjoy the look of luscious hair without compromising the health of your natural hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Hair Extensions Bad For Thin Hair?

If you wear hair extensions explicitly made for thin hair, then no. However, "one-size-fits-all" extensions are too heavy for your hair to hold. They can damage natural hair and even lead to permanent hair loss.

2. Can Hair Be Too Thin For Extensions?

Good hair extensions for thin hair come in numerous sizes and styles. Hence, even if your hair is thinner than average, there's a perfect extension for you. Tape-in extensions, for instance, are best for considerably thin hair since they are nearly undetectable.

3. Are Nano Extensions Good For Thin Hair?

Nano extensions are perfect for thin or fine hair. The rings used in nano extensions are significantly smaller than traditional micro rings, making them nearly undetectable even when worn up.

4. How Long Do Hair Extensions Last In Thin Hair?

How long your hair extensions will last depends entirely on the type you get and its maintenance. For instance, semi-permanent hair extensions generally last for three to 12 months, while extensions like tape-ins can stay intact for an average of eight to 12 weeks.

5. How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need For Thin Hair

How many hair extensions you will need for thin hair depends on the volume you aim to achieve and your hair's natural thickness. If you wish to have a slight thickness boost, 50g extensions will be sufficient. However, if you are looking for a full-head extension on thin hair, opt for 100g to 150g extensions.

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