Find out the Best extensions for short hair

What Are The Best Extensions For Short Hair?

Love the freedom and style of your short haircut but crave a touch of instant glamour or a change of pace? "Hair extension" is the answer to all your unfulfilled desires. Short hair is no longer a barrier to stunning lengths or voluminous locks. 

With the right type of extensions, you can transform your short hairstyle into a plethora of stunning looks —all without the commitment of growing out your natural hair.

The famous extensions for short hair offer a fantastic way to experiment with different styles. Feeling like a chic braid or a high ponytail? Extensions can add the length you need to achieve these looks. They also breathe new life into shortcuts that might be feeling a little tired. 

The only problem you might need is choosing the right product for your tresses. With so many different types of hair extensions available, selecting the right one for yourself could be challenging. We have solved this problem in this guide.

With intensive research, we have presented the five most popular hair extensions for short hair in this guide. Moreover, we have also shed light on the benefits of hair extensions for short hair and the common challenges you might face. 

So, get ready to dive into the world of fantastic hairstyling possibilities using extensions to enhance your short hair!

5 Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Short hair is undeniably stylish and versatile. However, sometimes you might crave the luxurious flow of long locks or the extra oomph of thicker hair. It is where hair extensions come in, offering a temporary solution to transform your short hair into a masterpiece. 

But with so many options available, choosing the right extensions for your short hair can be tricky. Here, we'll delve into the five best hair extensions for short hair, focusing on their pros and cons. Check this out before finalizing which one to buy:

1. Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions offer a more permanent solution compared to clip-ins. These extensions consist of thin wefts with medical-grade adhesive tape attached. A stylist will apply the wefts to your hair in thin sections, creating a sandwich effect with your natural hair in between.

Tape-in extensions lie flat against your head and are great for adding volume and length. They're one of the best hair extensions for short hair and have the full potential to create a completely natural look.

Take a look at the pros of Tape in Extensions:

  • More discreet than clip-in extensions – ideal for shorter hair.
  • Last for 6-8 weeks with proper care.
  • Can be reused after professional removal and re-taping.
  • Comfortable to wear – you can even sleep with them in.

Take a look at the cons of Tape in Extensions:

  • Requires professional application and removal.
  • Can be more expensive than clip-in extensions.
  • May not be suitable for very fine or weak hair.

2. Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions are a dream for those who want instant, temporary transformations. These extensions come in wefts (strips of hair) pre-attached to small clips.  

The application process is straightforward. Section your hair, open the clips, and secure them near the roots of your natural hair.

Take a look at the pros of Clip Extensions:

  • Easy to apply and remove yourself at home, offering ultimate flexibility.
  • Affordable compared to other methods.
  • A wide Various lengths, colours and textures are available to match your natural hair.
  • Minimal damage to your hair with proper care.

Take a look at the cons of Clip Extensions:

  • May not be suitable for concise hair as the clips might be visible.
  • Can feel heavy or bulky if not applied correctly, leading to discomfort.
  • Frequent removal and application can cause tangles and matting if not. meticulously cared for.

3. Pre-bonded Extensions

Pre-bonded extensions, also known as keratin fusion extensions, are popular for those who desire a long-lasting transformation. These extensions use keratin bonds, a protein similar to that found in hair. They attach individual strands to your natural hair. 

The stylist uses heat to melt the keratin bond, fusing the extension to a small section of your hair. Keratin fusion extensions offer a seamless look and can significantly add length and volume.

Take a look at the pros of Pre-bonded Extensions:

  • Very long-lasting – can last up to 6 months with proper care.
  • Can create dramatic length and volume changes.
  • Versatile – allows for various styles like braids and ponytails.

Take a look at the cons of Pre-bonded Extensions:

  • Requires professional application and removal.
  • The most expensive extension method.
  • The application process can be time-consuming.
  • Not suitable for weak or damaged hair due to the heat applied.

4. Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions offer a more permanent solution for adding length and volume to short hair. These extensions are typically human or high-quality synthetic hair sewn onto a thin weft. 

Unlike clip-ins, these hair extensions require professional application. The stylist braids your natural hair and then sews or bonds the weft to the braids.

Take a look at the pros of Weft extensions:

  • Offers the most cost-effective way to add significant volume to short hair.
  • Can last for several months with proper care.

Take a look at the cons of Weft Extensions:

  • Not suitable for very short hair as the braiding process requires some hair length for concealment.
  • The braiding process can be time-consuming and potentially uncomfortable.
  • Removal involves removing the braids, which can damage natural hair if not done carefully.

5. Nano Bonds and Micro Beads

Are you concerned about heat damage but still desire a long-lasting solution? Micro bead or nano ring extensions might be the perfect choice. These extensions use tiny metal rings or beads to secure individual strands to your natural hair. 

The stylist uses a special tool to crimp the bead or ring, creating a secure attachment. This method offers more flexibility than keratin fusion and is gentler on hair.

Take a look at the pros of Nano Bonds and Micro Beads:

  • Less damaging than keratin fusion due to the lack of heat.
  • Long-lasting – can last up to 4 months with proper care.
  • Comfortable to wear.

Take a look at the cons of Nano Bonds and Micro Beads:

  • Requires professional application and removal.
  • Can be more expensive than clip-in or tape-in extensions.
  • The beads or rings might be visible with very short hair.

How Can Hair Extensions Benefit Your Short Hair?

The allure of long, flowing locks can be vital for those rocking a short hairstyle. But growing out a haircut can feel like an eternity. Thankfully, hair extensions offer a shortcut to achieving your desired length and volume without the wait. 

Below, delve into the many ways hair extensions can elevate your short hair game:

1. Instant Length Transformation

The most obvious benefit is the instant gratification of having longer hair. You can apply the clip-in extensions in minutes. It allows you to switch between short and long hairstyles whenever you please. It is perfect for a special occasion when you crave a dramatic change or want to experiment.

2. Boost of Body and Volume

Strategically placed hair extensions can transform fine or limp hair. Wefts or tape-in extensions can add volume throughout your hair, creating a fuller, more luxurious look. 

This newfound body allows you to explore new styles, like bouncy curls or voluminous braids. Most of the time, these are achievable with your natural hair texture.

3. Creative Colour Play

Hair extensions open doors to a world of vibrant colour experimentation. You can add subtle highlights or lowlights for added dimension or go bold with contrasting colours for a truly head-turning look. Since the extensions aren't your natural hair, you can embrace bolder shades without the commitment of dyeing your hair.

4. Disguising Awkward Growing-Out Phases

Growing out a short haircut can be uneven. Hair extensions can be a lifesaver during this in-between stage. By strategically adding extensions to specific sections, you can mask shorter layers and create a more uniform appearance. This allows you to grow your hair confidently while still enjoying a polished look.

5. Tailored to Your Needs

Hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures, and colours. Some are made from real human hair for a seamless blend with natural hair, while others are synthetic for a more affordable option. 

You can customize your extensions to match your hair type and desired style with many choices available.

6. Confidence Booster

There's no denying the confidence boost that comes with rocking a hairstyle you love. Hair extensions can help you achieve that perfect look, whether long, flowing waves or voluminous curls. Gather newfound confidence to radiate in all aspects of your life and feel empowered to take on the world.

So, if you're sporting a short hairstyle but yearning for a change, don't despair.

Hair extensions offer a versatile and convenient way to add length, volume and creative flair to your mane. With the best type of hair extensions for short hair, you can unlock a world of hairstyling possibilities.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Short hair, don't care? Think again!

Hair extensions offer a fantastic way to transform short locks into voluminous lengths or add volume or thickness. Nonetheless, with various options available in canadian salons, selecting the best extensions suitable for short hair could be daunting. 

Fear not! Here is a list of things you ought to take into account before choosing the best extensions for short hair.

Know Your Hair

The first step is understanding your hair. Assess its thickness and texture. Hair extensions for thin hair differ from those of thicker ones. For instance, fine or thin hair might struggle with bulky bonded extensions, while thick hair can handle most types.

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Hair health is crucial, too—damaged hair might not be strong enough for bonded extensions. For a professional assessment, it is vital to consult a qualified hair extension technician.

Length Matters: Achieving Seamless Blending

Since you're starting with short hair, achieving a natural look relies heavily on choosing the correct length for your extensions. Opt for extensions only a few inches longer than your natural hair. 12-inch extensions will create a gradual and realistic transition if your hair falls above the chin. 

Hair reaching the shoulders can handle 16-inch extensions for a more dramatic transformation. Remember, you can always add volume and fullness with shorter extensions. However, excessively long extensions on short hair will appear bulky and unnatural.

Extension Type: Temporary or Committed?

1. Clip-in Extensions

These are the ultimate in versatility. Clip them in for instant length and volume, and take them out whenever desired. Perfect for short-term wear or special occasions, clip-in extensions come in various lengths, thicknesses and colours to match your natural hair. 

They're also a budget-friendly option, ideal for those new to the world of extensions. However, clip-in extensions might be visible on very short hair. They may even require some styling know-how to blend seamlessly.

2. Bonded Extensions: 

If you crave a more permanent solution, bonded extensions offer weeks to months of length and volume. Keratin bonds attach the extensions to small sections of your natural hair. Popular bonded techniques include micro rings, I-tips and U-tips. 

These extensions require professional application and removal. Maintenance appointments are needed every 6-8 weeks to ensure healthy hair growth and prevent matting. While bonded extensions provide a natural look, they're not suitable for very short hair. They can be a significant investment.

3. Tape-in Extensions:

 These offer a good balance between clip-ins and bonded extensions. Thin adhesive tape secures the weft to your natural hair. They're comfortable to wear, provide good volume, and blend well with short hair at least an inch long. 

These are some popular hair extensions for short hair that last 4-8 weeks and require professional application and removal. Although, they're gentler on your hair than bonded extensions.

Hair Quality: Real or Synthetic?

Human hair extensions offer the most natural look and feel, matching the texture and movement of your hair. They can be styled with heat and treated similarly to your natural hair. 

However, human hair extensions come at a premium price. Synthetic extensions are more affordable but can be prone to tangling and might not style as well with heat.

Colour Matching: Achieving a Natural Look

A perfect colour match is essential for seamless blending. Consult your hair extension technician to ensure the extensions match your natural hair colour, including highlights or lowlights. 

Remember, hair colour can change slightly as it grows out. Therefore, consider getting a slightly lighter shade to compensate for future root growth.

Maintenance is Key

Regardless of the type you choose, proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and health of your extensions. Invest in high-quality hair care products specifically formulated for extensions. Brush your hair gently to prevent matting, and avoid tight hairstyles that strain the attachment points.

Remember, professional removal is essential for bonded extensions to prevent damage to your natural hair. With careful consideration, you can achieve the luscious locks you've always desired, even with short hair!

Common Challenges Of Using Extensions In Short Hair

Short hair and extensions can be a match made in heaven. The best type of extensions for short hair offers instant length and volume. However, unlike their long-haired counterparts, those with shorter locks face unique hurdles. 

Check out common challenges you can face while using extensions in short hair.

1. Visibility Wars:

The biggest battleground is often visibility. Short hair means less natural hair to conceal extension attachments. Techniques like keratin bonds or microlinks can become noticeable, especially with high ponytails or updos. 

Discuss alternative methods with your hairstylist, such as placing weft extensions for better camouflage. Tape-in extensions can also be a good option for shorter hair. They offer a flatter profile that's easier to hide.

2. Hold On Tight:

Short hair often lacks the density to grip extensions securely. This can lead to slippage, where the extensions loosen or detach entirely, causing frustration and potential damage. To combat this, ensure your hairstylist chooses the right type and weight of extensions for your hair's strength. 

Microlinks create a tighter connection to individual strands, while weft extensions can be sewn in for added security. You should go for regular maintenance appointments to tighten any loose extensions before they become a bigger problem.

3. Blending Blues:

Achieving a natural look is vital; blending extensions seamlessly becomes even more critical with short hair. We suggest you opt for a hairstylist experienced in extending shorter styles.

They'll meticulously colour-match the extensions to your natural hair, considering any highlights or lowlights. Additionally, they can use cutting techniques that feather the extensions into your hair. This will aid in creating a smooth transition and minimizing apparent lines of demarcation.

4. Styling Strategies:

Short hair with extensions offers many styling options. Nonetheless, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoid tight hairstyles that put excessive strain on the attachment points. Experiment with looser braids, waves and half-up styles that distribute the weight more evenly. 

Be gentle when brushing or combing, starting at the ends and working your way up to minimize pulling on the extensions.

The good news is that you can avoid these challenges by working with a skilled hairstylist. Moreover, with proper care and styling techniques, you can transform your short locks into beautiful, secure, voluminous tresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Short Can Your Hair Be for Hair Extensions? 

The minimum hair length for extensions depends on the type. Clip-in extensions, which require some coverage, work best with hair at least shoulder length (around 4 inches). For bonded extensions like micro rings, aim for 3-4 inches to ensure a secure attachment and natural look. Consult a hairstylist for the best option for your hair. 

2. How Much Are Hair Extensions for Short Hair? 

The best hair extensions for short hair can range from £20 to over £200. The price depends on hair type (synthetic or real), length, thickness, and brand. Clip-in extensions are generally the most affordable option for short hair.

Salons can also install bonded or sewn-in extensions, which tend to be more expensive. However, don't worry—it doesn't take much time to install hair extensions.

3. Could hair extensions damage short hair? 

The best short hair extensions can add stress to your hair, short or long. The weight of the extensions and the application method, like bonding or braiding, can cause breakage. To minimize damage, consult a hairdresser experienced with extensions for short hair. 

They can advise on the safest application method and recommend extensions that won't overweigh your natural hair.

4. How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair?

Achieving natural-looking extensions with short hair takes finesse! Here's the trick: match your extensions to your hair texture and colour. Clip-in wefts work well. Create a base by teasing a thin section of your hair where the weft will sit. 

Clip the weft in, then use bobby pins or braids to hide any remaining short hair underneath. Finally, style your hair and extensions together to blend seamlessly. 

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