What is the best method of Hair Extensions:  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

What is the best method of Hair Extensions: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Hair extensions are the fastest growing salon service worldwide. Extensions are the permanent installation of human hair which can be glued or sewn into the hair rather than temporarily clipped onto natural hair. They are the most transformative beauty service which enhances your natural hair with volume and length to get the hair of your dreams. 

before and after blonde hair extensions on very short blonde hair

Why do you need extensions?

There are many different methods of extensions which are fully customizable for each clients unique needs. Hair extensions can be installed for many reasons to thicken thin hair, additional length that you cannot usually grow, to fix a botched hair cut or just to change up your look. Extensions can also change your texture and color without damage when installed correctly. Those with thin hair can get the volume they could never get naturally. So why not give your hair a new look and get longer and fuller hair in minutes.

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Which method of extensions is the best?

At Radiance Salon we offer all methods of hair extensions (clip-in, tape-in, micro link/cold & hot fusion,weft, sew-in extensions) and have been doing extensions for over 40 years. The BEST method keeps clients coming back and actually helps their hair grow and remain healthy is the WEFT EXTENSIONS. 

Other methods of extensions have pros and cons and are not recommended.

Fusion micro bead individual extensions pros and cons

Single strand 

 The micro-beads and fusion methods use individual strands of hair, hundreds of peices are installed for a natural look. This method often causes breakage as some strands may be lost during the wear and strong glues can pull out hair during removal. Weft hair extensions provide more even volume while individual methods as they fall out will begin to look stringy on the ends.

tape in hair extensions pros and cons

Tape in extensions

Tape in hair extensions are another popular method of hair extensions because they are very flat and easy to install. Because of the use of adhesive it may pull out some stands when removed which over time will actually thin out the hair. The tapes also tend to stick up once they grow out and no longer lay flat making them visible.

The weft extensions actually don't have this problem because the hair grows down with the extensions and remains hidden even when they grow out. There is no use of glue with the sew in weft extensions so there is no damage during removal. To ensure the hair extensions are not bulky its important to find the thinnest weft possible which is either the hand tied or thin weft, These options are VERY thin and are not bulky on the hair allowing them to be seamless and natural looking.

Hand tied wefts

Weft extensions

The weft extensions are a fan favourite and keeps clients returning as they see their natural hair growing under the extensions reaching lengths never before possible. 


There are many ways to install weft extensions. 

There are different types of braids for various hair textures and styles to suit desired looks. When installing the braided weft extensions we braid a thin cornrow using the natural hair with synthetic braiding hair to create a strong base for the extensions to be sewn onto. Our braids are very flat and secure evenly distributing the weight on the head and they are very secure and will not come out until removed. 

The braid-less method uses micro beads to create a foundation using their real hair, all the hair is left out in this method providing additional volume. Then the weft is sewn onto this foundation with thread for double security which allows this to be very secure. It also prevents breakage because the tension is evenly distributed throughout their hair.

The weft extensions hair also last longer than any individual method of installation because the weft is very durable. With methods like fusion the hair is not easily reusable so extensions become very expensive as you need to regularly buy new hair.

At Radiance our braids such as Chloe Collection last for 1-2 years so the price to maintain extensions becomes affordable since the hair lasts for so long and can easily be reused.

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