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Chloe Collection - Machine weft 24" #2 - 114g

Chloe Collection - Machine weft 24" #2 - 114g

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Color 2 is a dark brown

Every woman wants beautiful stress-free hair. Quality is our greatest concern, the Chloe Collection hair is truly luxurious with its silky texture you can’t keep your hands off. This hair never becomes matted or tangled and will remain as beautiful as from the day you received it till 2+ years later. Cuticle intact hair does not shed or excessively break making this hair low maintenance and easy to wear, women love how it will simplify your daily routine and will prove to be worth the investment.

The machine weft is the most affordable weft. It works well for people with medium to thick hair. The weft is very durable and can be cut without shedding.

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114g per bundle

Recommend 1-2 bundles for a full head

Machine weft can be cut

No shedding or excessive breakage

Cuticle intact Remy human hair is full to the ends

Hair lasts for 12-16 months with care


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